Extensive Automation

Welcome on the Extensive Automation project.


ExtensiveAutomation is a generic automation framework for integration, regression and end-to-end usages. The framework provided a rich and collaborative workspace environment.

The project have several purposes since the creation:
  • Unify all testing tools in one environnement
  • Provide a complete testing dashboard
  • Make automation easy
  • Automate everything from anywhere.
  • Provide a user friendly environment.


This solution is designed to make a lot of thing like:
  • test automation in integration environment
  • regression test automation
  • end to end test automation
  • deployment automation


The solution is written in Python and also all tests.


This environment is open source, and is freely available under the LGPL 2.1 version. All source code is available in github (https://github.com/ExtensiveAutomation).


Started since 2010, the solution was developed by Denis Machard. This project is an effort, driven in my spare time.

If you want to sponsor me then I am accepting donations via PayPal. The money received will be used to cover web site costs, domain name reservation and more :wink:.


If you have any questions, you can contact me with: