The solution is based on a client/server mode. The tests and adapters are centralized in a server that allows to quickly provide the same test environment to all users.

The solution consists of several components:
  • A scheduler
  • A graphical client
  • Agents


The server consists of:
  • a reverse proxy (apache)
  • a scheduler
  • a REST API server
  • the test framework
  • adapters
  • a web interface

Graphic Client

The graphical client uses a single tcp/8080 (https) stream between the client and the server. The stream is bidirectional and the client can:

  • make calls to the server’s REST API
  • receive events from the server via WebSockets.


An agent is compulsorily controlled by an adapter via the test server intermediary. It allows to deport the communication point with the system to test or control. Agents use a single tcp/8080 (https) stream to communicate with the server.