The adapters allow communication with the system to be tested or piloted. The solution embeds several default adapters in different domains:
  • network protocol support
  • application level protocol support
  • communication with databases
  • systems interaction
  • interaction with graphic interfaces
  • telecom protocol support
Adapters have two modes of use:
  • a direct mode: communication is done directly from the test server to the system to be controlled.
  • an agent mode: the communication with the system to be controlled is done through an agent communicating with the test server.


The Verbose mode is enabled by default on all adapters. This mode can be disabled to reduce the number of events during a test.


The Debug mode is not enabled by default. It can be activated in case of problem.


Tests axamples are provided in each plugins

List of adapters available by default:

Adapters Agents Descriptions
CLI ssh Sniffer to send and receive ARP packets
WEB curl Sniffer to send and receive ICMP packets
GUI selenium2-server or selenium3-server or adb or sikulixserver | UI interactions

Others adapters but not provided by default:

Network Protocols

Adapters Agents Descriptions
ARP socket Sniffer to send and receive ARP packets
ICMP socket Sniffer to send and receive ICMP packets
Ethernet socket Sniffer for sending and receiving Ethernet frames
IP socket Sniffer for sending and receiving IPv4 packets
Pinger not supported Machine life tests via ICMP, TCP or URL
UDP / TCP socket Sniffer and UDP client and TCP
NTP socket Client to request an NTP server
DNS not supported Resolver Customer
SNMP socket Receiving SNMPv2 Alarms

Network Protocols Applications

System commands

Adapters Agents Descriptions
Dig   Customer dig
Curl   Customer curl
Nmap   Nmap client
Ncat   Customer ncat
Openssl   Openssl client

User Interfaces

Adapters Agents Descriptions
Adb adb Integration with the Android Gateway
Selenium selenium2-server or selenium3-server Integration with the Selenium project
Sikuli sikulix-server Integration with the SikuliX project

Data base

Adapters Agents Descriptions
Microsoft SQL database Communication with a base of type Microsoft SQL
MySQL database Communication with a MySQL/MariaDB database
PostgreSQL database Communication with a PostgreSQL database

System controls

Telecom Protocols

Adapters Agents Descriptions
SMS Gateway gateway-sms Receive or send SMS using an Android smartphone
SIP socket SIP Phone
RTP socket Module for sending and receiving audio and video streams


AES Encryption or decryption support
Blowfish Encryption or decryption support
OpenSSL Execute SSL command
RC4 Encryption or decryption support
XOR Encryption or decryption support
RSA RSA Key Generator


Base64 Encode or decode in base64 format
Excel Excel file reading
G711A Encode or decode the audio codec
G711U Encode or decode the audio codec
JSON Encode or decode text in JSON format
XML Encode or decode text in XML format


GZIP Compression or decompression in GZIP format


Checksum Checksum Generator
HMAC Creating a hash md5, sha1 and sha256
MD5 Creating a md5 hash
SHA Creating a hash sha1, sha256 and sha512
CRC32 Checksum Generator


SessionID Session Builder ID
UUIDS UUID Generator (Universally Unique IDentifier)


ChartsJS Visible graph generator in test reports
DialTones Tone generator
Image Manipulation of images
Noise Noise generator
SDP Decodes or encodes SDP messages
WavContainer Creating audio file type WAV
Waves Simple wave generator


Today Retrieves today’s date


Basic Decode or encode the authorization
Digest Decode or encode the authorization
Hmac Decode or encode the authorization
Oauth Decode or encode the authorization
Wsse Decode or encode the authorization
Certificate Decodes certificates in a readable format
JWT Decode or encode tokens


Timestamp Generate a timestamp or convert to a readable value


Bytes Convert fromtes to readable

Third party tools

Git Clone / commit file on remote repository
Jira Ticket creation
HP ALM QC Test run, ticket creation. Version 12 minimum
ExtensiveAutomation Test execution, variable creation
Jenkins Running tests before or after a build
VSphere VM creation or supression on VMware


The solution has a REST API, it can be driven also by these tools.


This plugin allows you to export test results in the HP ALM tool. It can be used from an etst to export results without user intervention.

Example of use:

HP ALM ——> Call REST API —–> AND
^ | | v | Execution of the requested test | v + <——– Push the result ——–+


This plugin allows to launch a build from the Extensive solution.


This plugin allows you to control a VMware virtual environment. It can be used for:
  • create virtual machines automatically
  • remove machines


This plugin makes it possible to make a link between several environment (dev, integration, qualification) by allowing to run tests from one environment to another.


This plugin makes it possible to create tickets following the execution of a test in the tool Jira.


This plugin allows you to recover or push files from a source repository. It can be used as a prerequisite for a test.


Agents are available from the toolbox. They are to be used together with the adapters
  • to communicate with the system to test or control when it is not accessible live by the test server (ex: a web page)
  • run a test on several different environments.


The dummy agent is to be used as a basis for developing a new agent.

Network Protocols

socket Lets you start TCP / UDP sockets
ftp Connect to an FTP server(s)
database Queries databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL)
ssh Connect to machines via SSH or SFTP


command Execute system commands on Windows or Linux
file Allows you to recover files on Windows or Linux systems

Third party tools

sikulix-server Interactions with heavy applications
selenium3-server Allows you to control the latest generation web browsers
selenium2-server Allows you to control web browsers
soapui Allows you to run SoapUI tests
adb Allows you to control Android smartphones
gateway-sms Send or receive SMS


Using the Selenium3-Server agent requires at least Java 8 on the machine.