The toolbox allows you to start agents on dedicated workstations.

  • Agents are required to run tests with Selenium on dedicated workstations or to deport the execution of a test.


This window allows you to choose the agent or probe to start. The type of agent or probe to start can be chosen in the drop-down list. Finally, an agent or probe needs to be registered with the test server in order to use it.

An agent will allow you to perform a distributed run of your tests. For example, an agent deployed on several machines will allow to run the same test on different environment to test or pilot.

The complete list of available agents are described in the Server Add-ons> Agents chapter.


The agent name or probe must be unique for successful registration.


For a better visibility of the agents available, it is advisable to respect the following formalism for the names:

[Agent | probe] [Environment] [prénom_testeur] [name] [instance-number]…


Example of a deployed and running agent:



The toolbox can be enriched with new plugins.

To do this, follow the procedure described in the chapter Contributions> Development plugins> Toolboxes. Plugins are to be dropped into the Plugins directory.


After restarting the toolbox, the add-in appears in the list of “external” agents