Authentication in the API REST can be done with 2 methods:
  • By using the function login to obtain a session cookie
  • with basic auth


The basic auth must be used with the api key available through the web interface. The re-generation of the api key can be done for now only on the server.

python extensiveautomation.py --apikey admin
API Key ID: admin
API Key Secret: d30278d49e4845e45daa748873e2171b14a0c55a

After that, add the header Authorization in your HTTP request.

Authorization: Basic base64(key_id:key_secret)


With the basic auth, it’s not necessary to call the login function.

Usage example

The REST api is available throught the tcp port 443 (https) with the uri /rest.

The following example show how to execute a test with the basic auth.

POST /rest/tests/schedule HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46N2UwMDExY2I3Y2ZhMGQ1MjM4NGQ1YWYyM2QyODBiMjUyM2EzMTA3ZA==
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

  "project-id": 1,
  "test-extension": "tux",
  "test-name": "01_Wait",
  "test-path": "/Snippets/Do/",
  "test-inputs": [ {"name": "DURATION", "type": "int", "value": 5} ]

Received response:

  "cmd": "/tests/schedule",
  "message": "background"
  "test-id": "a3f19398-b463-41e8-9e43-af86aac44a59",
  "task-id": 17,
  "tab-id": 0
  "test-name": "01_Wait"


Description of most important functions:


Execute a test

Read the result of a test executed